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Tips for Keeping Your House Clean Always

A clean home is inviting both to you and your visitors. Cleanliness adds comfort, beauty, and ambiance to room making one enjoy their stay indoors. Home cleaning is not a onetime affair because dirt, grime, and dust accumulate quickly thus it’s an exercise that requires regular touch almost daily.

To clean your house, you can choose to do it yourself or hire the services of professional home cleaners. Here I’m going to show you different types of house cleaning that you should always consider keeping your house clean.

• Ceiling. Always start cleaning from the top so that dust and dirt can fall down on the floor. Using a wet cloth or brush dust the ceiling; air conditioner and all furniture in every room.

• Window cleaning. Dust off all the windows with a cloth dipped in a mixture of vinegar and water. This ensures that you leave no stains.

• Bedrooms. Strip off all dirty linen and make the beds using clean beddings. Put away the dirty laundry in the clothes basket. Dust all furniture and throw any clutter into the bin.

• Kitchen. Wash all the dirty dishes them dust the ceiling, counter tops, and all flat surfaces. Throw any food remains into the bin.

• Dining/living room. Dust off the roof, furniture, and blinds. Neatly arrange the cushions and the sofa pillows.

• Toilets and bathrooms. Dust the ceiling and counter tops. Throw away any clutter and use appropriate disinfectant to scrub the floors and the bathroom basin. Spray the air freshener as you finish.

• Carpet/rug cleaning. This is a very crucial part because dirty carpets or rugs could make your house have a foul odor despite the entire cleanup. Vacuum all your carpets to get rid of dirt, dust, moisture and spills. Carpet cleaning should be done regularly.

• Floors. This depends on the type of floor but you can either vacuum floor, steam mop or rather hands-on with a rug. Always ensure that the ground dries up to avoid any accidents in the house.

Dust and dirt accumulate quickly, but you now set to house clean and make your house look clean and neat every day.

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